Matrix Professional Edition

The Professional Edition builds on the Learning Edition to give you a whole lot more

Super Fast Compiling

Over 10 times faster depending on operating system, hardware and other factors.


Generates Optimised Code

Select level of optimisation. Turn on run-time variable range checking code. Other more efficient code options are automatically generated.


Powerful Pattern Statements

These are an increasingly important aspect of Matrix code generation. They enable intentional specification, an increased level of checking in the Model Compiler and the generation of higher performance source code.


Free Email+ Support

Helpful advice comes as standard. Skype is used if required.


Generates Production Code

Exclude full learner model checking code when scenario testing is complete and the system is ready to ship.


Free Bug Fixes

Our errors are our mistakes and should be corrected without delay and without charge.

Of course, the Professional Editing includes everything in the Learning Edition

ANSI C Code Generation

The generated code compiles with the Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ language compiler but it does not make use of the object oriented programming features of C++.


Textual Modeling Language

Write code. Think and work at a higher level of abstraction.


Unlimited Entities

Within computer memory constraints, models can be any size. They are not limited by the number of entities, states or processes allowed.


Extensive Model Checking

The Matrix Model Compiler performs an overlapping web of model checking before it generates any code. Plus the generated code has another layer of run-time checking embedded by the Model Compiler.


Free Use of Generated Code

The source code the Model Compiler generates from your own models is yours. You are free to sell it or give it away.


Built-In Simulator

Matrix comes with a built-in simulation environment that's automatically tailored to each model. Use from the command line or run scenario scripts.


Compiles Matrix Language

Build executable models in Matrix and ensure your application is future proof.


Full Online Documentation

All Matrix language statements, Simulator commands, example executable models and business case documentation is online.

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